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KCMN’s April meeting was held at KCMN member Grandstand Glassware’s manufacturing facility in Lawrence, Kansas.

Jamey Steinhauser, Grandstand Glassware’s COO, talked about Grandstand’s history and client solutions. Since opening in 1988, GG has been growing, largely in part due to the explosion of craft breweries.  65% of their business is decorative glassware and 25% consists of apparel.

A banking industry executive took us through a very informative discussion of the banking industry. Scott Coup talked about:

  • The perfect storm of events that have led us to current industry conditions
  • The characteristics of the closed banks
  • Insured versus uninsured deposits
  • As a business owner, the need to be proactive and ask your bank questions
  • The importance of having a relationship with your banker

You can view the presentation via this link.

Attending members then took a tour of the Grandstand Glassware plant floor, seeing the decorative glass processes, their glassware inventory, the apparel printing operation, and their employee gym.

Kansas City Manufacturing Network’s May meeting was an interesting one!  Held at Champion Sponsor The Miller Group’s office on May 9th, the topic discussed was ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) and how that can impact your employees’ behavior responses to stressful situations.    Depending on their ACE score, employees may react to stress in ways that may affect their work performance, decreasing productivity, reliability, and negatively impacting your entire company culture.

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions has received a grant to partially subsidize a program to address ACE challenges in the workplace called “Evolving Company Culture”.   6 manufacturing companies, 3 from a rural location and 3 from an urban location can participate in this 6-month program.  To be considered for this pilot program, being exclusively offered to KCMN and CKMN members, or to learn more about the pilot program, please complete this form on the website.

The next KCMN meeting is scheduled for June 13th and we are excited to about the topic, The Great Game of Business.  For more information and to register, visit the website or use this link: