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Improve preventative maintenance practices.  Share support resources.

Maintenance Subgroup Benefits

Facility and equipment maintenance are essential to the success of every manufacturing organization.  Without proper maintenance of equipment, productivity decreases and production stops.  The Maintenance Subgroup is a place for employees involved in all areas of an organization’s maintenance activities to share best practices, connect with others in similar roles, and develop resources to support them in the performance of their jobs.

Learn how others implement preventative maintenance plans, source replacement parts, and manage other maintenance challenges in these high-pressure roles.  Share resources you’ve used to create successful maintenance programs in your organization.

This subgroup meets bi-monthly either in member facilities or virtually and is open to KMCN manufacturing member employees involved in maintenance roles within their organizations.  Members also have access to an online discussion board to ask questions and share experiences with others in Maintenance careers.

For more information or to be added to the Maintenance Subgroup, click HERE to complete the KCMN Subgroup Interest Form.