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Continuous Improvement

Best practices for continuous improvement of your operations.

CI/Lean Subgroup Benefits

Reduce waste and increase profitability and productivity.

As market demands become more competitive, businesses must become more efficient in product development and production cycles, eliminate waste and reduce losses, all while improving quality and cutting costs--sometimes dramatically.

The KCMN Continuous Improvement/Lean Subgroup is a vehicle for sharing best practices and learning from others with similar experiences.  This group meets bi-monthly in member companies.  Meetings may be mini-kaizens of an area of the host organization or a discussion topic focused on a lean or continuous improvement topic.  Members also have access to an online discussion board to ask questions and share experiences with other Operations professionals.

This subgroup is open to KCMN manufacturing member employees and sponsors who add value to the continuous improvement process.  To be added to the Continuous Improvement Subgroup, please click HERE and complete the KCMN Subgroup Interest Form.