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Captive Health Insurance Solution

Take Control of Your Employee Health Benefits

Manufacturers are frustrated with the rising costs of employee health plans. Insurance premiums are costly and more control over the health plan is needed.

As a KCMN member, you have access to a more effective approach toward employee health insurance. Your company can join a captive insurance program with fellow KCMN, CKMN, and KMS manufacturers.

Control Costs


  • Have the buying power of a large group
  • Create a multi-year strategy for medical claims and pharmacy use
  • Access employee wellness and support programs

Build Savings


  • Receive funds when the captive outperforms expectations
  • Stop paying for the large claims of other companies. Pay only for costs incurred by your employees.
  • Reduce fixed costs

Avoid Surprises


  • View monthly health claims and pharmacy reports
  • Get renewal projections early based on claim trends

Take Back Your Insurance

You shouldn't be held hostage to insurance companies. Small and mid-size companies now have the same purchasing power as large manufacturers.

The Miller Group is helping more and more companies join captives. These companies have gained more certainty and stability while seeing the long-term benefits of being self-insured.

Questions About Joining the Captive?

1.      REVIEW: Discuss your risks, current medical insurance and overall goals with an expert employee benefits advisor.

2.      JOIN: Become part of the KMS captive pool of like-minded manufacturers.

3.      BUILD: Begin building your financial insurance reserve while monitoring employee claims throughout the year.

Your company is not required to switch insurance brokers in order to join.

Advisors Jayson Cuba and Tanner Smith are ready to answer your questions. They can help you decide whether a captive is a good option. Schedule an appointment by calling them at (816) 308-4556 or emailing